burger of the month

a feed of all the special monthly burgers we’ve done!

May 2019: PokeNOM

Back by popular demand! All-natural beef patty topped with Persian cucumbers, fried wonton,
Ahi Tuna Poke, serranos, sriracha mayo and sesame seeds

April 2019: 2 LOCO 2 MOCO

All-natural beef patty, fried rice with chinese sausage, furikake-crusted spam,
fried egg and bone marrow gravy

March 2019: Bacon & Egg V2

All-natural beef patty, peppercorn-brandy gravy, thick-cut peppered bacon,
fried egg, chives and garlic aioli

February 2019: Som Tam Thai

All-natural beef patty, curry-peanut dressing, fried tofu, spicy green papaya
mango salad and sweet chili mayo

January 2019: T.O.W. a Quesadilla

All-natural beef patty, quesadilla, grilled fajitas, black beans, organic guacamole, sour cream, cotija cheese and a chipotle mayo

December 2018: Whole’shabang

All-natural beef patty, lobster tail in a spicy garlic whole’shabang sauce, roasted garlic,
Old Bay aioli and lemoned greens

November 2018: Madame Nom

All-natural beef patty, scratch-made bechamel, prosciutto, arugula,
spicy brown mustard and a fried egg

October 2018: The Fried Juicy Lucy

All-natural beef patty stuffed with mozzarella, bacon jus, sauteed cabbage, all rolled in our signature brioche bun and fried

September 2018: Con Lechon

All-natural beef patty, gruyere cheese, roasted pork, ham, fried plantain chips, housemade mojo sauce and dijon aioli

August 2018: Fig & Honey

All-natural beef patty, piave cheese, grilled mission figs with honey, mixed greens and dijon mayo

July 2018: T.O.W. Crabcake

All-natural beef patty, housemade crabcake, fried lemons, caper aioli and havarti dill

June 2018: PokeNOM

Back by popular demand! All-natural beef patty topped with Persian cucumbers, fried wonton,
Ahi Tuna Poke, serranos, sriracha mayo and sesame seeds

May 2018: HELLA HOLLA!-penos

All-natural beef patty, fire-roasted jalapeno, chipotle pimento cheese, pickled jalapeno, jalapeno jelly, chipotle mayo and a country-fried jalapeno

April 2018: The Bibimbap Burger

All-natural beef patty, crispy rice, soy-marinated pork belly, housemade kimchi, cucumbers, Korean radish, fried egg topped with green onions and gochujang mayo

March 2018: Blu-be-que

All-natural beef patty, smoked cheddar, BBQ pork, spicy coleslaw, housemade
blueberry-habanero barbeque sauce with BBQ mayo

February 2018: The Big Easy

All-natural beef patty, cheddar-polenta cake, crab etouffee, deep-fried prawns, old bay mayo

January 2018: Gimme Some ‘Shrooms

All-natural beef patty, gruyere, creamed mushrooms (shiitake, oyster, enoki, button),
fried egg, dijon mayonnaise

December 2017: Mac & Cheese

All-natural beef patty, “mac” n cheese, buttermilk-fried jalapenos,
sriracha ketchup and garlic aioli

November 2017: Bacon & Egg

All-natural peppercorn crusted beef patty, housemade gruyere bechamel, THICK-cut peppercorn bacon, fried egg and chives

October 2016: Beer & Brats

All-natural beef patty seared in beer, beer-pickled cabbage, beer-poached local bratwurst
and beer mustard seeds served with beer cheese on the side

September 2016 & 2017: Hot $h!t

All-natural beef patty, ghost pepper cheese, housemade coleslaw,
brulee’d pineapple and housemade habanero hot sauce

August 2017: Huevos Rancheros

All-natural beef patty, green papaya slaw with roasted fresh corn, lime crema, fried tortilla with refried pinto beans, a fried egg topped with roasted salsa and cotija cheese

July 2017: Red White & Blue

All-natural beef patty, housemade Maryland crabcake, Cypress Grove Midnight Moon
goat cheese, fresh red bell pepper and housemade roumalade

June 2017: PokeNOM

All-natural beef patty topped with Persian cucumbers, fried wonton,
Ahi Tuna Poke, serranos, sriracha mayo and sesame seeds

May 2017: Peetzah Peetzah

All-natural beef patty, bolognese sauce, fried fresh mozzarella, margharita style
cherry tomatoes and pepperoni nduja

April 2017: T.O.W. Raclette

All-natural beef patty, wine-caramelized red onions, bread crisp
, sauteed mushrooms and melted raclette cheese served tableside

March 2017: Bangers and Mash

All natural beef patty with “bangers” seasoning, seared in Guinness, topped with Dubliner cheese, potato croquette, housemade sourkraut and a mushroom-Guinness gravy

February 2017: T.O.W. Bone Marrow

All-natural beef patty, truffle cheddar cheese, sauteed king trumpet mushrooms,
mustard aioli and a bone marrow served on the side

January 2017: Hella Dank!

All-natural beef patty, pate, pork rillette, pickled radish and cilantro-jalapeno aioli

December 2016: Duck Me!

All-natural beef patty, duck confit, fried onion strings, fresh cranberry sauce,
arugula and a fried duck egg

November 2016: Da Bacon Bomb

All-natural beef and bacon patty, jalapeno bacon, fried habanero cheese,
housemade relish and housemade bacon jam

October 2016: The One We Fried

All-natural beef patty, housemade sauerbraten, braised cabbage
all wrapped in our brioche dough and fried, served with housemade beer cheese,
pickled onions and whole grain mustard seeds

August 2016: Crazy Mofo Burger>

All-natural beef patty, housemade spam, fried rice noodles, bacon-basted egg and housemade 10hr gravy